Happy ACE Casino App review in 2022


There is a great new betting game app where you can earn real money even when sitting at home. Do you know what is it? It is called Happy ACE Casino. If you want to know more about this best online gambling India, then you can refer to this article given below.

About Happy Ace Casino App

Friends Happy Ace Casino is a new platform where you can sanctify your gaming skills into real money. That means if you play Card Game with the help of Happy ACE app, you can easily earn real money. Users have many ways to earn money inside the app, including some of the ways below.

Happ ACE Casino has casual, poker, casino and slots games. If you sign up for the game, you will get a Welcome Bonus of 20₹. If you download Teen Patti Master, you can play Rummy games and other games like Dragon Vs. Tiger, that is the most famous fortune game. In addition, you can get up to 20 of game to play and get real cash. Hence, you can get a lot of money in the Happy ace rummy app.


The Happy Ace Casino app includes 15 different types of games. These allow players to see the list of folklore games in the table where players can find people in all these games.

There are many types of games and their variants at Happy ACE casino that you can play. The first one, Poker games include Pool Rummy, Point Rummy, Texas Holdem, 3patti joker, 3patti…

The next one is casual games including Happy Ace Casino Ludo, Cricket Battle, Best of five, Fishing Rush, Ek Patti, Poker War, Lucky Lottery, 7Up down. On the other hand, slots games have Vegar fruits and Happy Farmer.

How to earn real money in Happy Ace Casino ppk?

If you want to become an agent of Happy Ace Casino Game and earn money, you should follow these steps. The first step, you need to create your account by downloading the app and clicking on Real Cash Click to earn. In this moment, you will get the SHARE button by clicking on which invite your friends. 

Once your friends join you will get a bonus of Rs.10 and your friend will get Rs.30. In the meantime, you are at Level 1, you will get Rs.10 on per invite. When your level increases, the invite bonus will increase, too. If you successfully invite 10 of your friends who add cash up to 20,000, your level will be upgraded. If you stay at level 1, you will get  an affiliate commission of 0.5% and a recharge commission of 1%.

The maximum invite bonus at Happy ACE Casino app will upto Rs.20 per invite and upto 10% recharge commission as well as up to 2% affiliate commission since your level up.

888-casino bonus

How to Add Money in a Happy Ace Rummy Game ?

How do players add cash in Happy Ace Casino? First of all, you will see a big button of Add Cash in the right side of the apk, where you can click and choose how much you want to add cash. Then you visit the browser and find the add payment methods by using Paytm, Google Pay, Bank, Net Banking, Phone PE.

You can fill cash up to a minimum of Rs.100 and a maximum of Rs.50,000 at a time. With this money, you can get more money by taking part in games. When you want to receive support from Happy ACE Casino customer support team, you can take live chat by contacting via Whatsapp support or via email: support@happyacerummy.win.

How to Withdraw Money at Happy Ace Casino App ?

There is the quickest and easiest way to get Withdraw when you win at the Happy ACE Casino app. Firstly, you have to click on the Withdraw button and then click on the bank as well as fill your bank information on the Withdrawal Info. The next step is clicking on the confirm button and entering your amount. That amount will be cash out. 

You are allowed to withdraw at least ₹ 500 at a time, and a maximum withdrawals upto ₹ 50,000. Moreover, you have to pay a withdrawal fee of 3%. At this time, you have to wait within 5 minutes to withdraw.

On Happy Ace Casino App, you have chances to get a casino signup bonus no deposit of 40₹ if you create your puzzle bar account. You can win millions of cash at home in this game. You can withdraw from your wallet immediately. You also get a lot of convenience and other benefits at HappAce casino. 

How to Register at Happy Ace Casino apk?

To become a user of Happy ACE Casino app, you have to download this app and follow the steps-by-steps to sign up:

Step 1: Download the application

Step 2: Install this app in your mobile and open it

Step 3: Enter your mobile number by clicking on the Sign Up/Log In section.

Step 4: Using the username and password to sign up.

Once the registration is completed, you will get a Rs.30 bonus instantly and you can use it in 100% gameplay.

To sum up, the Happy Ace Casino app is one of the best online casino games app for India as well as global gamblers. You can choose the most favorite games to try your luck. Don’t forget to invite your friends to increase your bonus and level.

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