Casino Theatre Aluva is a casino or theatre? Is it good to visit?

Casino Theatre Aluva

Casino Theatre Aluva is a well-known place. It is located at PWD Quarters, Periyar Nagar, Aluva, Kerala 683101, India. The place has a big screen and provides many movies. Other facilities available at Casino Theatre Aluva are food and beverage that is high quality and fantastic seating. Here is something about this place from onlinegamblingindi.

Overview of the Casino Theatre Aluva

Casino Theatre Aluva is known as one of the best theaters when you want to get a perfect experience with dolby sound. According to many visitors one of the good things at this theater is plenty of background music and beats which could be felt as a more fun and exciting movie. If you want good cooling and proper seating, the screen is big enough for perfect viewing angles.

Casino Theatre Aluva has a pretty good infrastructure and sound system. Plus, the full HD screen at Aluva gives you a thrilling and amazing feeling. Seat is situated at a good height behind. 

Casino Theatre Aluva films

Furthermore, Aluva has good air conditioning, and seat numbers are given with tickets so that no one can be scattered here and there if crowded. Some visitors felt satisfied by booking tickets online easily and the ticket price was good. 

There are many different opinions about the Casino Theatre Aluva. According to most guests, this is one of the best theaters in Aluva providing high quality services. Rates from visitors in this theatre are similar to other theatres in this segment. We can deny that the Casino Theatre Aluva is well maintained and the overall movie watching experience is incredible and awesome.

However, there is no balcony option while it is built like PVR and other theaters. The other downside some guests have found is that seats don’t have a cup holder where they can keep their drinks and popcorn. Therefore, it can be said that Casino Theatre Aluva is an interesting and worthwhile spot for you to relax every weekend.

Real visitor reviews of Casino Theatre Aluva

There are many different reviews about this theatre, both good and bad reviews. Anandhu username rated five-stars for Aluva because of some of the main reasons. “This place shows all the latest movies. It’s the best theatre in Aluva. It has only one screen. The parking lot is big. It has an inbuilt fd stall. It supports 3d movies. The seats of the movie theatre are of good quality.the theatre is cleaned and maintained daily. It’s crowded. It’s one of the best theatres in Ernakulam. It’s 2K and 3D”, he said.

Casino Theatre Aluva

Another opinion about Aluva is “Casino talkies, located in Aluva, was once an old movie theatre which was later renovated. Now they run all the decent movies from all different languages. Though it only has a single screen, I must say as far as experience goes, this is one of those rare movie theatres where the seating positions are nearly perfect. Even if you sit up front, it won’t feel as uncomfortable as most of the other multiplexes do. It has air conditioning and smeels good. Nice ambience and washroom”, Jithu said.

It is the best theatre in Aluva with 2k projection and high clarity Harkness screen. 3D is excellent here. Eventhough it is Dolby 7.1 sound clarity is not up to the mark. It will be good if it has a 4 way speaker system with two additional sub woofers” Sudheesh wrote in her/his review.

Mohammed username wrote in the review about Casino Theatre that “Long story short, I really liked the beer when I stopped on a recent Saturday around noon. The space is good for what it is, but feels a bit too sterile for me. Didn’t have the level of comfort or coziness that I look for in a tap room. The worst thing was the staff interactions. This younger woman and taller guy spent about 45 minutes talking to each other and could barely be bothered to interact with customers unless they were getting more beer. 

An older guy next to me mentioned that he was picking up hints of cinnamon on his pour – the staff simply said “there is no cinnamon in that beer” and then went back to talking about jam bands with the lady. They were talking about a beer that I really liked and I tried to jump into the conversation (they were literally two feet from me so I wasn’t trying to butt in), and they gave the general “oh that’s great” and went about their conversation”. Seemly has some bad and unexpected experiences in Casino Theatre Aluva.


To sum up, Casino Theatre is the best theatre in Aluva for the seating arrangement, sound system and the projection. Although there are still many dissatisfied opinions about this place, this is still one of the best options to relax with the hottest blockbusters. However, before coming here, you should remember that the space is quite narrow, the aisles are small and the customer service is not really professional – according to some customers.

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